Below are details of the five fishery pools.  The pools are various sizes, with the two smaller pools having a few fishing pegs and the largest pool having over 12 fishing pegs.  All fishing pegs are over 2 metres apart.  Day tickets are payable on the bank at each pond.  

Pool One - The Snake
 – found by turning first right off the main track
Stocked with common and mirror carp from ounces to doubles.  Also crucians, skimmers, roach, rudd, tench, blue and golden orfe, chubb, barbell, gudgeon and perch.


Pool Two – Small Marl
 - found by driving straight ahead up the main track to a car park.  Pool is on the other side of the hedge next to the car park
RESTRICTED TO WHEELCHAIRS, WARDENS AND BLUE CARD HOLDERSONLY.   Stocked with common, mirror and ghost carp to near doubles.  Also tench, orfe, barbel, roach, crucians and skimmers.    (MAXIMUM HOOK SIZE TO USE ON THIS POOL – SIZE 16) - ONLY ONE ROD PER PERSON.


Pool Three – Island Pool
- short walk from pool two
Heavily stocked with common, mirror and ghost carp from ounces to doubles, crucians and golden carp, skimmers, perch, roach, rudd, tench, gudgeon, golden orfe, silver bream and chubb.


Pool Four - Deep Marl
- short walk from pool three
Stocked with common, mirror, and ghost carp along with roach, rudd, tench, orfe, skimmers, crucians and perch.


Pool Five - Kingfisher Canal
 -turn left down track by pool two
Stocked with similar species to pool one.  No juniors or teenagers to fish this pool unless accompanied by an adult on a one to one basis – no price reduction for juniors on this water.


All fishing pegs are over 2 metres apart.  Only people fishing at ponds please, no guests allowed to allow for social distancing.  Check government advice for the most up-to-date information regarding corona virus and social distancing.

Note: cars can be used to drop fishing gear off next to some of the pools, however all cars should then be parked in the appropriate car park for the pool being fished.