Around the fishery

Please take notice of all signs around the fishery 

  • Cars can be used to drop fishing gear off next to some of the pools however all cars should then be parked in the appropriate car park for the pool being fished.  
  • Fishermen must keep to designated paths along hedgerows and respect growing crops
  • No moving ponds or peg once you have found a peg
  • No dogs unless with written permission
  • No alcoholic or canned drinks
  • NO LITTER OR DISCARDED LINE TO BE LEFT.  ALL LITTER TO BE TAKEN HOME.  Litter left on or by the peg will be said to be yours and will result in a ban from the fishery.  If litter is left on or by the peg when starting to fish is should be reported to the bailiff
  • Fishing only to take place in a quiet manner – no radios.  Offensive language, directly or indirectly anywhere on the fishery land will result in a ban
  • Because of disturbance to other anglers children under the age of 12 are only allowed on this fishery if paying to fish as near as possible to a paying parent or guardian.
  • Exemptions from any rule have to be obtained in writing from the owner
  • Vandals will be prosecuted


The bailiff has the right to order any person off the fishery without explanation at any time.  There will be no refunds given (Revised rules April 2020).  BAILIFF means owner or such person put in charge of pools for the day.  Please note anglers have been banned from the fishery – for throwing down litter, for ignoring the radio ban, for using barbed hooks and unspecified baits and for ignoring signs.